[How to eat baby egg yolk?

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[How to eat baby egg yolk?
】 _Baby_How to eat

It is very hard to notice that the baby is growing very fast. In order to ensure the baby’s nutritional supplement, parents take great care to give the baby machine nutritional supplement, especially for babies who are still breastfeeding.Some nutritious foods are very useful, and egg yolk is a very nutritious ingredient. Let’s take a look at how to eat baby egg yolk.

Egg yolk complementary food is a food made based on the main ingredients of egg yolk. Because of its comprehensive nutrition and high safety, it is often used as the first food supplement for babies.

Egg yolk complementary food inherits all the nutrients of egg yolk, and is supplemented with other foods to provide balanced nutrition.

Most babies’ first meal is yolk mud.

Yolk mud is easily digested and absorbed, and contains many nutrients that your baby needs.

Eggs are too tender to kill bacteria; too old can make it difficult for your baby to digest.

The correct way to cook eggs is in a cold water pot. After boiling over low heat for 2 minutes, and soak for another 5 minutes, the egg yolk will not solidify and the baby will easily digest and absorb.

Egg yolk yolk contains lecithin, which has nutritional brain effect.

Consumption by infants is beneficial to brain development.

The egg yolks are soft, tender and fragrant. They are very suitable for babies.

Egg yolk can provide infants with a wealth of protein, vitamins, iron, calcium and so on.

Pure egg yolk is generally about 6 months old, and you can add eggs to your baby.

Egg yolks are less prone to allergies than egg whites, so start with egg yolks.

As a newly added food for your baby, you should start feeding from 1/4 egg yolk. Press the cooked egg yolk (boil for another 10 minutes) into a puree with a spoon, and then use breast milk, formula, or plain water.Feed the yolk into a paste.

If the baby has no adverse reactions such as diarrhea and vomiting after eating, feed 1/2 egg yolk each time after 3-7 days, and gradually increase to 1.

Instant pure egg yolk powder is a food supplement for egg yolk. It is a substitute for traditional egg yolk. It solves the problems that traditional egg yolk replacement method is easy to cause intolerance and difficult to digest.

Instant pure egg yolk powder contains amino acids, choline, DHA, lecithin, iron, etc. that are needed for infant growth.

It has good dispersibility, solubility and stability, which not only reduces the ordinary molecular weight, but also crushes other liquid foods such as milk; completely retains all the nutritional components of egg yolk, and the absorption rate is as high as 90% or more.