[How to make stir-fried congee with garlic]_ Stir-fried congee _ practice _ production method

[How to make stir-fried congee with garlic]_ Stir-fried congee _ practice _ production method

Stir-fried condiment with garlic puree is arguably the most common and common food, but how can such a common food be made, different taste and taste. In fact, many details and steps need to be focused on. The following is the specificway of doing.

First, use 300 grams of water spinach, salt, MSG, garlic, 2 cloves of vegetable oil, 10 ml of white sugar, and garlic.

Add the barbecue blue to the fried blue, then adjust the Airfryer temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and preheat for 5 minutes2.

After the preheating is completed, pull out the fried blue, pour a small amount of cooking oil into the baking blue, add the minced garlic, and close the fried blue fragrant. Set the time for 10 minutes3.

When you smell the garlic, you can open the fried blue and add the water spinach. Stir well with chopsticks and close the fried blue 4.

Turn on the stirring for about five minutes and then turn it off (you can turn on the stirring at any time) 5.

Add salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate 3 minutes before the end of time. Stir evenly. After the time is up, the pan will be ready. Choose the freshest part of the spinach. Do n’t use the old one. Wash the water and change the knife.Add some oil, salt, cooking wine, roll away and put in the water spinach, remove it after a few turns, quickly pass the cold water, control the water; add salt, monosodium glutamate in the garlic paste, add some cold boiling water, mix slightly, do not put oil, and can not putThe sesame oil is too overbearing.

Stir and serve.

Fourth, there is another method. In the case of a large amount, use the previous method to simmer. Pass the water and control the water. Then put some base oil in the pot and fry the pickled peppers. Stir the oil before frying the pickled peppers.Pepper, pepper, taste. Remove the pepper, hemp pepper, stir-fry the pickled pepper, stir-fry the pickled pepper for a while, fry until it is dry, put some salt, garlic, and stir-fry the condiment.

Do not put all kinds of soy sauce, vinegar, etc. in these two practices.

Instead of putting onions, you can put some ground ginger appropriately.