[How to marinate beef]_Beef_marination method_How to marinate

[How to marinate beef]_Beef_marination method_How to marinate

The nutritional value of beef is recognized, but at the same time it can bring us very delicious enjoyment, so if we can learn more about the curing method and the production techniques of these beef in daily life, then we can easilyEnjoy these foods.

Preliminary, prepare beef.

Wash the beef and cut into slices.

Put it in the pot.

Be careful not to soak the beef in water at this step, it will soak the hemoglobin in the beef and lose nutrition.

The second step is to unload.

Add part of the seasoning to the cut beef bowl.

Put two spoonfuls of cooking wine and go fishy.

Put three spoons of soy sauce.

Put a spoonful of oil on it and refresh it.

The third step is to add water.

Add a small bowl of water to make the beef more tender.

Add a small amount of salt, just a little bit, because the soy sauce has already been placed before.

The fourth step is to beat whole eggs.

On the basis of the above, beat an egg, just break in the whole.

Put two pinches of starch.

The fifth step is stirring.

Rub the prepared beef with your hands to make the beef taste delicious.

The sixth step is to marinate.

Marinate the prepared beef in the shade for two hours.

In this way, the marinated beef will rot easily and taste delicious.

Precautions Be careful not to put too much salt, as both the soy sauce and fuel consumption are salty.

Be sure to add a small bowl of water to ensure the tenderness of the beef.