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Children under two years old take cold medicine, bogey! Many families have this experience: if you have a cold, first go to the pharmacy to buy some cold medicines and go home to eat according to the recommendation of the waiter. If it is still not good, or serious, go to the hospital for infusion…. Read Article →

Do not want to do your clothes My relationship with Yi lasted for a long time, but in the end, I didn’t produce a mature fruit. I think this is really a bit like a fatal arrangement. He will always be like a semi-clear skyThe clouds suddenly flickered and fluttered, but I just wanted to… Read Article →

How does the disgroup personality change? I am a sophomore, and I am introverted and not good at interacting with people. Others say that I am not in a group, and I feel sad. Teacher, how to change this situation?   Hello there!   As a personality trait, gregariousness has the characteristics of social adaptability that can… Read Article →

Medicinal diet for cancer patients at all stages 1. Tonic after surgery: due to the different surgical sites and surgical methods of tumor patients, different types of tumor pathology, different stages of the disease, different physical conditions of patients, different symptoms may appear after surgery, and symptomatic recuperation during tonic can promote the bodyRehabilitation: Northern… Read Article →

Certain foods fight AIDS The use of food to infect diseases is a treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine. Because this method has the advantages of convenient selection, easy operation, safety and non-toxicity, and self-treatment in the family, people have always liked itFun to use. Today, with the development of science, this method is still… Read Article →

Health care methods to relieve brain stress Busy office workers all day, work pressure, life pressure, if we can no longer excrete the stress of our heart, it will definitely make our brain pressure. Therefore, we must let our brain do well in daily life, so as to make the moment of the brain in… Read Article →

_1 Facial paralysis Manmou, female, 22 years old, delivery man. First visit on September 12. Main complaint: The retinal facial muscle plate is discomfort, and the lower lip becomes thicker for 5 days. The patient had been cured of facial paralysis at the age of 7. I was transported to the countryside 5 days ago,… Read Article →

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