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锘? Experts recommend the college entrance examination seven-day nutritious meal A Swedish study found that breakfast heat can replace too many students, physical tolerance, and creativity is significantly higher than students who do not have enough heat. Many candidates parents prepare a lot of tonics for their children and should not be abused. Lead-containing, aluminum-containing… Read Article →

锘? The secret of fattening my true feelings 鈥斺€擡xperience exchange of 3 pounds of fattening for 3 months. When countless people are racking their brains to lose weight, I feel so much about how to gain weight and look at the 鈥渞ibs鈥?that are becoming more and more prominent. I really feel it.Helpless, the girlfriend who… Read Article →

锘?_1 Cute family blood In the daily diet, there are still a lot of blood supplements. Interested friends can do it according to the method I introduced below, or you can change the pattern to make your family more enjoyable. 銆€銆€Red dates, longan, peanuts, red beans, brown sugar, ginkgo, and hazelnuts are all the blood… Read Article →

锘? Twenty-five happy ways 1. Stay healthy and have a healthy body to have a happy mood. 銆€銆€2. Take a rest, don’t overdraw your strength. 銆€銆€3. Moderate exercise tends to be as light as a swallow and happy. 銆€銆€4. Love the people around you beyond their happiness. 銆€銆€5, With a smile from the heart and… Read Article →

锘? Chinese medicine conditioning should also be moderate It is often found that after sweating or waking up, I find that my clothes are sweaty and I think I am physically weak and sweaty. In fact, night sweats are not caused by imaginary, nor can they be treated with tonic. 銆€銆€Night sweats refer to sweating… Read Article →

锘? Sturdy dental coronary heart disease patients have a small burden For the elderly, having a strong tooth is almost a dream. Mr. Chen Lao’s one bad tooth has already tossed him for two months, sometimes it hurts to sleep well overnight. After the examination, the doctor asked: “Do you have coronary heart disease? “What… Read Article →

锘? Three types of exercise will make you gain weight It is said that exercise can lose weight, this is not absolute! Recently, the US “Plastic” magazine wrote that the three types of sports will make people more and more “fat.” 銆€銆€1. A large amount of exercise. If the amount of exercise is too large,… Read Article →

锘? How to judge whether to rebound? 1. After years of surgical observation of 2,000 patients, the surgeon believes that preoperative measurements, such as: upper limb circumference, waist circumference, lower limb circumference should be referred to. Because the measurements can be changed by the subjective mindset of the patient 鈥?the waist circumference becomes smaller when… Read Article →

Joint pain may wish to add a cushion to it Mr. Wang is a 67-year-old retired teacher. During his work, he worked hard, worked hard, and lived in the world. He was loved by colleagues and students. After retirement, he should have enjoyed a happy old age, but he couldn’t be happy. It turned out… Read Article →

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