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[Effects and contraindications of Eight Immortals]_action_impact I do n’t know if you have ever taken Chinese traditional medicine hydrangea, hydrangea is not a fruit planted by a certain plant, but a synthetic product of traditional Chinese medicine. If you add some Chinese medicine for cough and phlegm to the grapefruit pulp, thenMany traditional Chinese medicines… Read Article →

Sinotruk (000951): interpretation of major investments Event: Event: China National Heavy Duty Truck A issued a major investment announcement and plans to invest in the construction of an intelligent network connected (new energy) heavy truck project located in Laiwu Shandong Heavy Industry Industrial City. According to the calculation of the design and research institute, the… Read Article →

Sany Heavy Industry (600031): Stock repurchase plan demonstrates confidence in long-term steady growth Recent situation of the company Recently, the company announced that it plans to repurchase the company’s shares through centralized bidding transactions with no more than RMB 8 million and no more than 1 billion of its own funds. The repurchase price does… Read Article →

Emotional woman beware of emotional self-injury Women’s love for radon comes from their sensitivity. When interacting with others, the other person’s eyes are not right, an offense of an action, and the lack of a sentence will make women feel doubtful and angry.   Marrying a lost husband will often be suffocated for his cowardice; marry… Read Article →

Do n’t eat these after fitness After a short period of fitness exercise, the human body consumes too much, and the body naturally needs to replenish energy, which does not mean that you can freely. If you want to gain muscle or lose weight, you need to be careful about your diet after fitness. Let’s… Read Article →

Don’t mess with your eyes White-collar office workers often overuse the eyes, which can easily cause headaches. It is also common to use too many eye drops to relieve fatigue. It is better to do eye exercises during the rest time.   Excessive close eye use, uninterrupted work of the ciliary muscle may cause the ciliary… Read Article →

How bitter gourds eat in summer can make the most sense The bitter gourd is native to tropical Asia and is named for its bitter flavour and bitter taste. It is interesting that if bitter gourd is cooked with other foods and fried, such as bitter gourd roasted meat, the bitterness does not enter the… Read Article →

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