[Authentic practice of pork ribs pilaf_Authentic practice of pork ribs pilaf]

[Authentic practice of pork ribs pilaf_Authentic practice of pork ribs pilaf]

Pork ribs and pilaf are often found in some families. This practice is still derived from the way mutton pilaf is made.

Using ribs to make pilaf is actually relatively simple. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to control the amount of water when cooking. Because the rice is soaked, the water can be appropriately reduced.The rice came out was even more fragrant.

Ingredients: Spare ribs, half-root carrots, Shanghai green recipe 1.

The ribs are washed, it is best to go for blood.


Add ginger, oyster sauce, Puning bean sauce, oil, salt, sugar, starch, soy sauce and marinate for about 15 minutes.


Diced carrots.


Add oil to a hot pan, pour the ribs in, stir fry a few times, add water, and then add diced carrots until the water is boiling and turn off the heat.


Remove the chopped carrots from the ribs and spread them flat on the bottom of the rice cooker.


Wash the rice well and spread it evenly on the ribs.


Boiled pork ribs just now.


Pour into the pot, just over rice.

Press the rice button.


In the process of cooking rice, you can prepare Shanghai greens.

Cook in clear water.


In the process of cooking rice, it is very fragrant. Once the rice button is pressed, it will be stuffy for another 5 minutes.

Simple and convenient pilaf, but it is a lazy version, very unorthodox, but tastes very good.

Large steak-Large steak is the part where the tenderloin and back meat are connected. It is also called steak. It is mostly used for deep-frying. It is mainly meat slices, but with ribs, in addition to increasing the volume and increasing the area of the meat slices,Will increase the unique aroma of large bones, which is also a characteristic of cutlets.

In addition to deep-frying, you can also make large steaks, but before going through the process of frying or quick frying, the role is to seal the blood of the big bones, so that the cooking process does not affect the color of the meat slices and soup sweat.

Suitable for deep-fried, braised, if fried, thinner, if braised, thicker.

Ribs-Ribs are thin ribs in the chest cavity. The meat layer is thinner, the meat is thinner, and the taste is tender. However, the bones are thicker because of the twisted connection to the spine.

Because the ribs are relatively large, some stores will divide it into cavities, sub-ribs, etc. for customers to buy.

For example, the flaky grilled ribs are the tender ones that complement the middle section.

After chopping small pieces, pick out the thicker part of the meat layer that can be used for steaming, frying, braising, and large slices suitable for roasting.