[Cold drink honey water]_ cure cold _ how effective

[Cold drink honey water]_ cure cold _ how effective

If you have a cold, you will have a sore throat, feel thirsty, and take medicine regularly when you have a cold. It will also be bitter in the mouth, tasteless, uncomfortable, and your mood will be worse.

At this time, drinking some sweet honey water can improve your taste, and drinking honey water can moisturize the lungs and have a good effect on the body.

Honey also has a good effect on cough and phlegm.

Honey water is a health drink in daily life.

Proper honey water is very beneficial to human health.

Many people also think that honey water can treat the cold.

However, if the cold is not treated properly, then some bad measures will cause the disease to worsen.

So many patients dare not accept honey water at will.

So drinking honey water is good for colds?

Let’s take a look at this problem and share my experience!

1. According to the individual patient’s situation.

Generally honey water has a certain antitussive effect on cough.

If the patient has a cold, the throat is very painful, and the throat is particularly dumb, you can drink honey water appropriately to moisturize the throat.

You can force a certain antitussive effect to ease the symptoms.

2. Honey water has no direct effect on the treatment of colds.

Clinically, it may only be aimed at the help of adjuvant therapy.

And if you have extra cases, you should not drink honey water when you have a cold.

For example, a baby drinking honey may cause diarrhea.

3. Clinically, honey has lung moisturizing effect and certain antitussive effect.

Therefore, it is often used to help treat tuberculosis and bronchitis.

Honey water can be used to help treat rhinitis, pharyngitis and asthma.

However, the clinical effect of treating colds may not be so obvious.

Note: In daily life, when you have a cold, nasal congestion or runny nose, drinking warm water may be better than honey water.

Care should be taken in the diet to properly supplement some nutrients.

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